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My first money online

How I made $ 93 from home as a mom.

I’m Lize and today I want to tell you how I started making money from home. Exactly $93/day.

I want to mention from the beginning that these methods are only for people who live in the US, but if you don’t, I have another method for you! 

I remember that when the second child was born, I started looking for options on the internet on how to make extra money. After several weeks without any luck, my friend, Laura visited me and showed me how she made her first money on InboxDollars. At first, I didn’t listen because I thought „few money”, but then I said “let’s try.”

What is InboxDollars? It is a multi service that gives you a commission for every task you perform such as: taking surveys, playing online games, redeeming coupons, reading emails, online shopping and so on.

My favorite task was playing games because when I was playing, my boy was watching me play. When I had more free time, I was doing surveys because I had a higher commission. I was basically taking care of my kids and making money at the same time.

Another good part of the InboxDollars are the coupons! One day, I made 3-6 coupons that I used for children (we all know how much things a child needs!)

So in the first day I did $ 55 but it wasn’t a full day (because the kids).

What is the first step?

Firstly, you have to access this link: create an account, confirm your email address (otherwise you cannot access your account) and get to work!

After you create the account you will see how simple it is. 

Tips: Play games with your kids and fill out as many surveys as possible

The Second Way

If you want to earn more, I advise you to continue with SurveyJunkie.

When it comes to this, things are simpler, but not so funny. Basically, the system works like this: For each completed survey, you receive 150 points = $1.5.

So if you complete 3 forms, you make $5. If you complete 20 forms, you earn $100 and so on. 

At first, I made around 10 surveys here and played a lot on InboxDollars.

How does it work?

Just access this link to create an account and get paid!

What do you think?

Easy, right?

That’s how I earned my first money from home, along with my children. There aren’t so much money, but it meant a lot to me and I have continued to learn ever since.

If you have questions you can also find me on instagram or pinterest!

I was Lize and we will see you next time with new ideas for moms!