My results after using okinawa flat belly tonic - Scam Or Not?


By Lize Rush

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

I'm Lize Rush, blogger from Ways For Moms and here is my Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic review after 3 Months.

Helo!! I’m back after 3 months with the results! Yes, was summer and a lot of ambition but with a little help from a product, I did it! Do you remember my post from instagram, from August 18? If not, I get it, because was posted 3 months ago! But today, November 18, I’m back with my review of Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic, after 3 months of using. In this post, we are going to explain about ultimate benefits and other information of Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic. You need to read my review before buying this product. And here are my 3 months experience with this.

Struggle with weight loss is real. It’s much tougher than what magazines and success stories portray, and sometimes even impossible. But instead of working on maintaining motivation levels, you need to start working on finding the right solution that is not difficult to stick with and is also effective. Want some help? Here is my before/ after 3 months with Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic

Struggle with weight loss is real. It’s much tougher than what magazines and success stories portray, and sometimes even impossible. But instead of working on maintaining motivation levels, you need to start working on finding the right solution that is not difficult to stick with and is also effective. Want some help? Try Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic. Read the following review to know more about its working, benefits, recipe, ingredients, and other important details.

Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic is a powdered drink for internal weight loss support. It comes from a professional, Mike Banner, who is also behind a weight loss program, proving that Banner is an educated and experienced fit for the preparation of this solution.

Essentially, the blend of herbs and spice is traced from Japan where people are known for their healthy weight and ideal physique. Since most of the herbs and spices are safe to take and don’t pose a plethora of side effects, you can say that this solution is safe and will suit you as well. This removes worries of adverse health risks from the equation. 

Additionally, the formula not only helps with weight loss support, but also works to improve your cardiovascular health by improving your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The powder solution is a help with enhancing your energy levels too and curtailing inflammation – all health pointers that are really significant for overall health well-being.

What Is Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic?

Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Recipe

Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic supplement is a blend that is traced from the Japanese folks. These people are known for their healthy weight and low obesity cases. This is all due to the fact that the Japanese take a healthy blend of herbs and spices that promote weight loss.

Now since it’s not possible to go about gathering ingredients from Japan and preparing a blend of your own, you can easily take this weight loss promoting blend in the form of this powdered formula.

It gives you the right herbs and spices and in the right proportions so you get the internal weight loss support that you need.

Does Okinawa Flat Belly Really Work?

Yes, for sure. Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic powder is a helpful formula for weight loss that shows some incredible features too. According to the official website, these characteristics make the solution worth the investment:

•     Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic ingredients are all-natural so consumers don’t have to worry about any side-effects.

•     The formula comes from a reliable and authentic name. It is from Mike Banner who has also compiled a program on weight loss under the same name. This means that a professional person is behind this tonic.

•     Flat belly tonic recipe is a product of extensive research as proven by the fact that the solution is of a Japanese origin.

•     It is non-GMO and is prepared in a FDA approved facility. This confirms the reliability and safe usage of this formula, making it a trustworthy power tonic to slip into your daily routine.

•     Lastly, the powder-based supplement is also convenient to use as there is little that is required from your end. You don’t have to do much but mix the powder in your drink and have it.

Also see what Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic customer reviews are saying about this product. Does It Really Work for Everyone? Find Out More Here!

How Does Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Work?

As per flatbellytonic.com, Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic takes a simple and natural approach to promoting weight loss. In this regard, this solution works to speed up your metabolic functioning. An active metabolism proactively burns fat. On the other hand, a lazy, worn out, and slow metabolism slacks at melting fat, letting it collect in reserves.

By taking this drink regularly though, your metabolism picks pace. Consequently, you start burning fat naturally. In addition to this, the formula is also dedicated to achieving metabolism by blocking the C-reactive protein (CRP).

This protein not only causes inflammation but also blocks an essential hormone. This hormone, adiponectin, a type of chemical that triggers metabolic activity. When this hormone, adiponectin is blocked, the metabolism suffers.

What’s more, CRP also interrupts the mitochondrial functioning. With this happens, the mitochondria can’t absorb nutrients, which results in inflammation and fatigue. Since the tonic under review facilitates metabolism and nutrient absorption by handling CRP, you can expect to get rid of these internal health issues.

Me After 3 Months With Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic

Is Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic A Scam?

 A good question to ask is: how long will it take to see the results? You can see these results in a short time provided you are consistent with taking this formula. The more you are careful about taking your dose, the faster you can drive home results.

To give you an estimate though: in about 28 days, you can lose as many as 33 pounds. By continuing to drink the tonic, you can shed an additional 21 pounds.

That said, it is helpful to know that this formula does not promise any cure and individual results may vary. Instead, it supports your goals to achieve an ideal body weight and a slim physique. Hence, if you expect the flat belly tonic to show results even as you practice unhealthy eating habits and other weight putting habits, you are thinking wrong. That’s not how this solution, or any other supplement works for the matter. 

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  1. Yay! I was so happy to find this website! Even if it’s hard, I’m going all in. 🙂 You’re not reading this by accident. The Lord Jesus Christ loves you SO much! HE DIED FOR OUR SINS ON A CROSS, WAS BURIED, AND ROSE TO LIFE FOR YOU TO LIVE ETERNALLY IN HEAVEN WITH HIM!✝️💕❤️Please give Him a chance 🙂 He’s amazing, and alive. Congrats for your transformation! I will order the small one to try it!

  2. Hi Lizee,
    Thanks so much for sharing your results. You look so good, and you have inspired me to try a more structured version of the Okinawa Diet. I lost some weight recently on HCG 2.0, which puts you into Okinawa (okinawa flu and all!). I have tried to maintain my weight loss with a version of the Okinawa Diet, but I know that I am probably still eating too many carbs and not enough fat. I am 47, and I contine to have issues with keeping the weight off despite a healthy diet and exercise. I am sure it is hormone-related.
    I really appreciate all of your recipes. I have tried many of them, and my favorite (and my daily breakfast) is the blueberry english muffin bread. It helps so much when you miss bread.
    I wish you well moving forward and can’t wait to see your future posts!

  3. I was overweight for my height of 5’3″, tried dieting but did not work. I started to try Okinawa diet for a month and notice a drop to my weight of 1lb. Did exercise for twice to four times a week and it works. I highly recommend it.

  4. thank you so much for this informative articles it really helped me getting my shape again and I’m planning to go on this diet all my life really.
    they are mistakes you should avoid such as eating too much protein 20 % is enough because of protein when it’s too much it will convert to glycogen and stored in your body.

  5. Lizee! This is phenomenal! Way to go. Thank you for your bravery and courage in posting those photos – you look amazing! You have inspired me. I am going to do a six-week challenge of my own, including photos.. I can’t wait to see the results . Six weeks goes by pretty quickly.

    I was on the okinawa diet for 6 months to support my husband, who is on it permanently for epilepsy. The diet totally messed with my hormones, which my doctor and my husband’s nutritionist sadly confirmed was a possibility. I am continuing to eat low-carb, but the okinawa thing unfortunately seemed to work against me as a 49-year old pre-menopausal woman.

    I am glad to see this lifestyle working for you! Love your recipes and your inspiration!

  6. Hi Lize. Pics look fabulous!! You are an inspiration! I’ve been following you for a while now. I’ve really been enjoying your recipes. It’s an added bonus that you are a Patriots fan!

    Quite by coincidence I started Okinawa around the same time as you. I’m 48 and had been struggling with hormones. I’ve lost 10 pounds, not bragging as I had far more to lose than you. I have 2 questions. First, I’m struggling with getting all of my fat in. Never thought I’d tire of avocados. Do you have any good fat bomb recipes? I’ve tried many online and they just don’t taste good at all. Hoping with all your experience you may have some ideas. Most websites have the same recipes as others.

    Second, I have not started exercising yet. I am Tupe 1 diabetic and trying to level out my blood sugar before starting (so far so good). From all I’ve read Okinawa does reduce your strength some. Most report a challenge with high intensity workouts or sports. Have you had any challenge with working out? Or needed to adapt your plans?
    Thanks. Keep up the good work!!

  7. I loved this article, it was really helpful for me. Thanks for posting it. I am following your tips with some other awesome diet plan that helped me lose a lot of weight.

  8. Hi Lize, I’m a fan! I love what you do! Pictures look great! I’m 61 Okinawa for 14 months and 60 lbs off! 10 more to go. I eat at TDEE to loose it works for me. I’m 5’8” 1900 calories 20 total carbs 50 protein and 182 fat. Copious amounts of fat! I speed walk. I live too far a gym to go. Rural MS! Blessings on your journey. Thank you for all you do!

  9. You look great Lize! Actually your recipes are linked on several Okinawa groups. That is where I found you and have been following for awhile. Sometimes just a small adaptation is needed. If you are recommending a blood meter for okinawa, you should consider the Okinawa. They have a great meter.

    Keep up the good work. I have been on Okinawa since June 15, 2020 and have dropped from a size 18 to a 10 in most brands. I can squeeze into a 6 in NYDJ. LOL. That was with 55 lbs gone.

    Okinawa on girl!

  10. The pictures look great and yes I brought about the advantages of the Okinawa diet. My question is is I am a type one diabetic and is this type of a diet healthy for me?

  11. At 64 I had over 125 lbs to lose. I started a Okinawa Diet 7 months ago and have lost 75lbs. I have a number of autominnune issues and my health was so bad I was almost bedridden. I now do a water workout twice a week and yoga. I can see a low carb diet being my way of life after I get down to my goal weight. I feel so much better and I agree I am never hungry. I recommend the Bullet Proof Coffee for Kate. Coffee with cream, coconut butter and butter, blend. Adds fat to your diet and keeps you full.

  12. Hello Lizee, I have been reading your blog for awhile now. I have a hard time sticking to the Okinawa diet, is there a plan to follow? I also wanted to ask; “are you a diabetic? will this cause diabetes if you fall back to your old ways? Thank you!

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