Have you ever heard the name Carbofix? If not, then you should know about this product. In this post, we are going to explain about ultimate benefits, and other information of this product. You can get more than enough information about Carbofix by reading this post. And here are my 3 months experience with this.

Carbofix Review - Scam or Not?

By Lize Rush | Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Struggle with weight loss is real. It’s much tougher than what magazines and success stories portray, and sometimes even impossible. But instead of working on maintaining motivation levels, you need to start working on finding the right solution that is not difficult to stick with and is also effective. Want some help?

Unfortunately, many people tend to address the effects of poor metabolism – for example, seeking a solution to lose weight rather than addressing the poor metabolism problem. Well, the good news is that there may be a solution to this daunting problem.

According to the official site, the CarboFix supplement is designed to aid in improving one’s metabolism. The site claims that the supplement turns on one’s metabolism in 3 seconds to burn stubborn fat and improves their health and body processes. Based on the site, after taking the supplement, one will begin to experience;

  • Increased fat burning
  • Increased weight loss
  • Blood sugar and blood pressure control
  • Decreased hunger
  • Increased longevity

According to the maker of the Gold Vida CarboFix dietary supplements, unlike other supplements or treatments, the formula works to address the root cause of poor metabolism. Furthermore, it reverses the effects of poor metabolism to improve one’s health – eliminating the risks of rebounds.

In this piece, we will share everything there is to know about the CarboFix dietary supplements for a better understanding of what is and how it works. However, there are no genuine or comprehensive Carbofix reviews available on the internet yet.

What Is Carbofix?

CarboFix is a dietary supplement formulated to aid in weight loss whilst promoting efficient metabolism in the body. According to the official site, the supplement is formulated using 100% safe and natural ingredients to naturally return the body to its normal working order. Thanks to the natural formulation, anyone can use the supplement and experience positive results – without adopting a strict diet or following a demanding workout routine.

Furthermore, the site goes on to claim that as the supplement aids in increasing metabolism naturally – it ultimately improves one’s overall health and well being. 

It reduces the risks of developing diabetes and heart disease whilst improving mental health too. One doesn’t have to suffer from mood swings or depression after using the supplement.

Does Carbofix Work?

CarboFix supplement work by activating an enzyme found in the cells – known as AMPk or AMP-activated protein kinase. AMPk is an important enzyme as it plays a significant role in energy metabolism – the rate at which the body burns fats and calories. This enzyme aids in the conversion of sugar and fat into energy.

The energy released powers other body processes whilst decreasing hunger cravings at the same time. Reduced hunger cravings mean that one doesn’t continue to consume unhealthy food excessively. Unlike typical calorie-restricted diets, consuming the CarboFix dietary supplements will not cause hunger cravings as the body will naturally provide the energy and sustenance needed.

In many cases, the body experiences a shortage in AMPk due to elements known as fructans. Fructans are fructose polymers (complex sugar polymers) found in many foods one consumes. Surprisingly, one can even find fructans in foods such as fruits, vegetables, and legumes. Fructans become unhealthy to the body as it is not effectively equipped to completely break down this sugar string.

Thus, continual consumption of foods containing fructans ultimately leads to the accumulation of fat cells. This ultimately leads to increased weight gain, stomach bloating, and even puffiness. Furthermore, the sugar strings increase one’s blood sugar levels and force the body to release insulin. With increased insulin production, AMPk release is blocked – stunting the fat burning process.


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How Does Carbofix Work?

Furthermore, as one ages well into their 50s, the body naturally decreases its ability to produce AMPk. As one’s fat cells continue to grow in size, they produce a substance called resistin which blocks AMPk activity. Coupled with insulin, fat cells in the body continue to grow and increase in numbers. With larger fat cells, one may start to suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, and weight gain.

So, this is how the CarboFix dietary supplements come into play. Whilst exercise works, it may not offer a permanent solution to the problem especially when one is over 50 years old. The CarboFix dietary supplements on the other end work towards activating AMPk on a long term basis – balancing insulin sensitivity. It does so thanks to the right combination of its key ingredients.

CarboFix ingredients

CarboFix supplement are formulated with a combination of active natural ingredients. Each ingredient is added at just the right proportion to guarantee the formula’s effectiveness. These supplements include;


Berberine is a bioactive compound extracted from different plants. Used in traditional Chinese medicine, it aids in the activation of AMPk.

Cinnamon Bark Extract

Cinnamon bark is added for its ability to enhance glucose metabolism and lipid profile. Furthermore, it regulates AMPk levels in the body – preventing cells from being swarmed with fats.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha lipoic acid helps to increase insulin sensitivity by activating AMPk in the skeletal muscles. Furthermore, it plays a role in weight loss and increased fatty acid oxidation (fat burning).


An important mineral to the body, chromium increases AMPk in skeletal muscles. This, in turn, improves glucose metabolism in the skeletal and heart muscles. 


A type of vitamin B, benfotiamine reduces pain, inflammation, and cellular damage. 


Naringin is a flavonoid that also delivers incredible anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  

Me After 3 Months With Carbofix

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  • 100% natural formulation with no gluten or additives
  • Activates and regulates fat-burning enzyme AMPk
  • Decreases fat deposits in the body
  • Decreases hunger and cravings
  • Reduces risks of heart disease and diabetes
  • Improves mood and fights depression
  • Promotes mental clarity and focus
  • Keeps one active and sharp

Is Carbofix A Scam?

 A good question to ask is: how long will it take to see the results? You can see these results in a short time provided you are consistent with taking this formula. The more you are careful about taking your dose, the faster you can drive home results.

To give you an estimate though: in about 28 days, you can lose as many as 33 pounds. By continuing to drink the Carbofix, you can shed an additional 21 pounds.

That said, it is helpful to know that this formula does not promise any cure and individual results may vary. Instead, it supports your goals to achieve an ideal body weight and a slim physique. Hence, if you expect the flat belly tonic to show results even as you practice unhealthy eating habits and other weight putting habits, you are thinking wrong. That’s not how this solution, or any other supplement works for the matter. 

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