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Try again, Fail again, Fail better.

About Me

First things first.

My name is Christina  and today I work from home! I am mother of two children, a woman passionate about blogging, photography and marketing.

I have lived almost all my life in Germany, and for 4 years I have lived in Florida.

How did it all start?

Until two years ago I worked at a courier company, where it was good, but I knew it could be better. A colleague of mine (Hey Laura!) Told me how she started making her first money online. I normally laughed at first because he was making money, but he was making few. I also remember that one day he made an extra $93. But this is another story you can read here.

Why did I choose to work from home?

We all know that there is a time when we, women need to stay home and take care of our children. Yes, I have two and They are my treasure! I can call myself the happiest woman! The point is that I had a lot of time to stay on the Internet and I thought that since I wasted time on Netflix, I was looking for alternatives for extra income.

That’s what I did! At first we ran from the laptop to the child 50 times a day and when we were doing live lessons the children were crying. But that didn’t stop me and I continued until one day when I made the first $ 93 in a few hours.

What followed?

Of course there wasn’t much money, but those $ 93 gave me energy and made me keep going! So in the following days I divided my time between learning and working, because I knew it could.

 Why do I like photography?

It started as a passion that turned into a job, which I only did in my neighborhood. But we’ll talk about that later.

 What should be remembered about me?

Well today I can just tell you that I no longer work at that courier company, the $ 93 I can make in a few minutes, I work full time from home, and Laura and I are partners. Our children play in the back yard and we work together from home.