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I Love to Spend time with my Family and to work from home.

about lize rush?

About me?

 First things first.

My name is Lize Rush (yes, rush! Lol) and today I work from home! I am mother of two children, a woman passionate about blogging, photography and marketing.

I have lived almost all my life in Germany, and for 4 years I have lived in San Francisco.

How did it all start?

Ways for All Age Women

I Love to Help People and grow up together

Stop and learning

The Internet is full with info but you need to choose the good stuff.

use your skills

I'm 100% sure! You allready have some good skills. Use them!

Read this blog

For me was hard. But you have all the information you need, here.


My Happy Friends!

I met Lize two years ago. She showed me how to make extra money with my family. Today I only work from home and spend more time with my daughter! XoXo
Deborah Sims

Area of Expertise!

I started working from home 5 years ago. Today I want to share with you everything I have learned in these 5 years.

With affiliate marketing I started 3 years ago. Today is my main source of income and I think I can show you the way.

In what 3 years of dropshipping I have tested over 200 products. Here I want to show you how to find the winning product.

At first I started with photography, and later with photo editing. Today I have 20+ active clients / month.

In this article I want to show you two ways for making money from home as a mom. Both methodes are perfect if you want make an extrac income from your comfort zone.

I Can Help You Take Your next Step.

This article is about you and your skills. 

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